Monday, November 5, 2012

New Post - I am the Best Blogger Ever

Woo! More posts! So I talked to my parents about dropping out and they weren't too thrilled. Basically, they think I'm depressed because I sleep a lot, wear mostly black, and have a dark room. I also told them I haven't been taking my medication because I think my doctor is insane and nothing has changed on my medical reports for like 4 years. So now my mom is following me around and bringing me pill, which is so embarrassing. She hasn't called me today yet so maybe she quit. (I can dream, can't I?) I also found out that I can keep my student job if I just take one class. Which is great because my student job is way better than any other part time work. I will now be able to focus on the website business and designing my own game. I am going to upload some of the early art in a little bit! Things will my ex-girlfriend are alright. We talk every now and then, but I don't see us getting back together anytime soon. She is headed to Spain for study abroad and I'm taking time off to see what the "real world" is all about. It just wouldn't be a good time for a relationship. That doesn't mean I've counted all the girls out yet though! I recently picked up magic because my roommate wanted someone to play with. I took an immediate liking to green and white. So last night I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs and talked to my roommate for a bit. We talked about our business plan for a little bit and then talked starting about magic. I ended up staying up until 7am (when I had to go to work) building a high mana/draw green white deck. I tested it extensively and am exciting to try it out with Zach(my roommate). I have two tests on Wednesday. I am not looking forward to them. Circuits 1 and Linear Algebra. I haven't been to either class in about two weeks(the last time we had a test). I have taken both classes before and not done well in them. I'm not sure if trying to withdraw from them is a good idea or not. I need to meet with my adviser and see what options I have. I think that's all for today. -Zach

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