Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just An Everyday Normal Guy

Alright, well this is my first blog ever. I'm sure every new blog starts with that line. The idea of this blog isnt to talk about cooking everyday of my life or music or school or anything like that. This blog will be closest to Tucker Max's blog. If you dont know what that is, you are living under a rock and should check it out. Here, let me google that for you. Clickhere. Anyway the basic idea to to listen to my friend, Evan, who likes to brag about his sexual experiences and post them all here. Evan is a good looking 20 year old that I often hang out with. He drinks, smokes, gets high, and likes women. He, surprisingly, can pull all this off due to his basketball career.

A Teaser:

Today, Evan came to school completely high. Two nights ago was the first time he tried crystal meth laced weed. This was a poor decision for Evan. He had been high for 40 hours. He had to go through school absolutely blazed. He comes into class and we're hangin in the back room (no teacher). He starts tellin us about the party he was at the night before,"So I met this girl right, and we're hittin it off and that, and next thing I know, I'm getting some dome piece. She had a vibrating tongue ring. Yeah, it felt good." Now imagine all that be recited by the guy from unforgivable, because thats the accent he chose to tell the story in.

Thats all for today, I'm off to study some physics.