Monday, February 28, 2011


So I think I'm getting strep throat again. I had it last semester and it appears to be back. And a week before spring break too! :( Hopefully I can get rid of it before then. Going to the doctor Thursday I think. In other news, college is still hard and I still can't manage my time very well. Oh well, that is life ya I suppose.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feels Good Man

Woo. Staying on track. Getting my posts done and my comments out there. feelsgoodman.jpg
Currently trying to finish up some differential equations homework but blogging is nice break. I found out that the average on my physics test was really low, all the people I talked to have gotten below a 40 and since I got a 60 I am feeling pretty good about it. Today I declared myself as a Computer Engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. feelsgoodman.jpg

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The paper is going really well also. We are trying to finish it by Sunday so we can meet with some people and get some reviews. I am surprised how easy it has been to write my conference paper :) I am also planning a party for spring break. I am pretty excited. Birthday rave, gonna be a good time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Been a While...

Well its been about a week since I last blogged about anything. Ugh. Having trouble keeping up with it for some reason. Oh well, I'll get back into the swing of things. I'm currently in the calm before the storm at school. Spring break is coming up which means tests are coming up. I am not excited. Physics is giving me major problems... I got a 60% on the final. Class at 8am just does not work for me.. All my other classes are going well though. I am nervous for my engineering analysis midterm though.

I'm writing a paper for an engineering conference about robots, anyone have any expertise? Looking for someone that I might be able to do an online interview with. Let me know! Thanks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Break- Valentine's Day

So turns out writing blow reviews aren't actually fun. :/ I still like the idea but its a lot harder to write about than just writing about my day. So today I'm going to talk about my valentines day. :) First thing that happened was I surprised my girlfriend by hanging a bag full of chocolate on her dorm room door. Then we had lunch together. Then I took her out to dinner at an Indian place. Then we saw "No Strings Attached". It was alright, had its funny moments and whatnot. Then we went back to my room where I laid rose pedals around. I gave her a heart I french beaded. She gave me a Pens banner and fresh baked cookies and ice cream. Then she went back and fell asleep. Overall pretty good day. How was your valentines day?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Review - THE News

Lucky number 7. Using a random number generator the seventh comment's blog got reviewed:
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THE News is a blog mostly about political news pertaining the generally just the U.S. The blog is written by a man named mike. He takes what he deems to be important news and posts it to his blog. The great thing about mike is so far he was updated his blog everyday. This means you are getting to top news for the day, everyday. It mostly focuses on hot topic issues such as:the Egyptian protests, President Obama, and Micheal Moore. (haha) He states he will stay away from "news" such as Lindsay Lohan is in jail AGAIN? OMGROFLCOPTERBBQLMAOTHISISFUNNYNEWS. Pretty good guy in my opinion. If you are looking for funnny, interesting, relevant news, make sure you check out

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Review - ZPSN Sports

Zspn is the next blog I am reviewing. It is a great sports blog that covers sports from nascar to baseball to football. Written by a fellow named Zach (hense the ESPN -> ZSPN) who is a student looking into going to Louisiana State University. His focus is mainly on r football, baseball, hockey, and basketball, but tries to cover all sports. His blogs are written well and give interesting persectives into the world of sports. If you have a chance definitely stop over at his page.

Also, I will be writing my next review on a random blog posted in the comments below. So if you'd like to get review, make sure you leave a comment! Thanks!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Review - Ducks2Nucks

Hey everyone, tonight I'm going to put some direction into this blog. I will visiting other blogs and posting review of them. I will most likely be following the list of blogs I enjoy posted here. Anyway since I can't review my own site, first up is my friend Evan's blog:Ducks2Nucks

Ducks2Nucks is NHL blog focusing specifically on the Pittsburgh Penguins. The blog was started on January 17th and has 21 posts since then. The blog has 4 writers, Evan, Adam, Quinn, and Jake.
Evan, Quinn, and Adam are all freshmen students at Point Park University. Jake is Adam's older brother and attends Robbert Morris University. The banner at the top of the page was designed and created by Jake. I personally find the blog to be very interesting and quirky. I may have a slightly jaded opinion due my friendship with all the guys at Ducks2Nucks. Also, I love hockey and the NHL so it would make to enjoy a blog about my favorite Pittsburgh sport team (Penguins). Being written by teenagers, it has a lolarious feeling to it. Even if you don't love hockey I'm sure you'll still enjoy their blog. But if you do love hockey be absolutely sure to check out