Sunday, April 24, 2011

blog blog blog blog blog

Happy easter doods. This weekend went pretty well. I basically baricaded myself in my room to study and play video games. It was a good time. Minimal human contact ha. I was gonna go to the pirates game on friday with my fraternity but the game got rained out. Yeah life's boring. First final on Tuesday :OOOOOO

Thats all,


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Posting? Eh.

I guess I should start bloggin again. I got kinda bored of it because I was just doing it for adsense but I think I'm just gonna start writing for myself. I mean I always was but ehhh idk. Idk what the point of that statement was. Anyways... Life has been ok. I got elected Interfraternity Council Chairman for Sigma Alpha Mu, Psi chapter and Treasurer for Robotics Club so thats will be cool new responsibilities. Pens playoffs are going on right now along with finals. The playoffs are awesome. They are currently tied 2-2 in overtime. I'm pretty worried about finals. I think I am going to get a D in physics this semester so I need to look at taking it over the summer. It really sucks :/ Never taking a 8am class ever again, no matter what my advisor tells me. My engineering final is tomorrow. Kinda excited for it i guess. Need to finish studying and do good on it. Wish me luck~