Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gettin' Big

Went to the gym today. Ran/walked 2.25 miles and biked 2.5 miles. Took me 50mins to complete. Just started working out and hoping to make big improvements. Probably only going to work out twice a week but I should be getting more exercise if I start playing hockey and being outside more. So far I failed on all the jewelry I've been working on. So far I've put about 30 bucks into all the stuff. Today I should be able to make the bracelet I've been working on. Might post a picture or something. Gonna go play frisbee tonight. Wooooooooo!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer School

First day of summer school was today. I am taking Physics 2 over again at Pitt Greensburg. Hopefully, after taking the class three times I will be able to get an A. So far the class seems pretty easy. It meets twice a week for two hours. I have a lot of time now and am looking for something interesting and productive to do with my time. I've looked into make jewelry and exercising more. Today was fun though, after I got back from class at noon I went over Evan's house and chilled with him and Derek. Then we went to the mall and shopped and I bought an aeropastle shirt. It was a pretty chill day. Then I went home for a little and hung out Dan. Chris, Bree and Alicia. We watched a Twilight parody. It was also chill. Summer is going good so far :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mmmm... Summer...

So summer has begun for me, meaning waking up at 2pm everyday and going to sleep at 5am. Pretty good life I think. I just got hired at a Pizza place called Lucci's the other day. Yesterday in fact. I start today at 6. I'm really looking forward to it but I want to get off dish washing ASAP. I would've rather had a more real job than the food industry but oh well. I found out I got a D- in Physics 2 so I am retaking it over the summer. Class starts Tuesday. Its only twice a week though but it does run all summer. Hopefully I can get an A in it and fix my GPA. Prom was last night for all the high school kids. Prom was fun last year, wish there were more dances and stuff like that in college.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Haha all this Osama stuff. Is it weird that I could care less? Guess I just never was affected by any of this war stuff. Does this mean its over? Like I dont actually see whats gonna change now thats he's dead. Also, home from school. I spent my last weekend with my girlfriend for a while. It was a good weekend tho, depsite me being fairly sick. Still sick. Throat hurts like a mother.. So far I got a B and a C for final grades. 3 more rolling in, fairly certain I did not pass physics but I guess we will see. I am really looking forward to next semester. I have my own house that I am living in with a friend Zach and the classes seem more interesting. Just need to find a job now, anyone hiring? ^.^