Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Haha all this Osama stuff. Is it weird that I could care less? Guess I just never was affected by any of this war stuff. Does this mean its over? Like I dont actually see whats gonna change now thats he's dead. Also, home from school. I spent my last weekend with my girlfriend for a while. It was a good weekend tho, depsite me being fairly sick. Still sick. Throat hurts like a mother.. So far I got a B and a C for final grades. 3 more rolling in, fairly certain I did not pass physics but I guess we will see. I am really looking forward to next semester. I have my own house that I am living in with a friend Zach and the classes seem more interesting. Just need to find a job now, anyone hiring? ^.^



  1. c is a crappy grade, good luck finding a job

  2. No one is hiring anywhere... believe me,I checked...