Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting in the Habit

Uh. Currently sitting at work. Such a great job that I can sit here and do nothing and make above minimum wage. Cleaned my room today. Still needs some work but it went well. New sheets on the bed and all the clothes picked up and put away. Today I woke up at 2am and watched Dragon Ball Z Kai for most of the day. I have cut out League but still need to cut out animes. Dragon Ball Z Kai isn't even that great so I think I will stop watching it. I thought a lot about the game I want to make though. I want to include a mechanic where you learn a skill when you defeat a species of enemy. I checked out different kinds of games I can make. I think I want to do a action rpg. I'll be done with work in about an hour and I can finally go home and sleep! Zach

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Big news. I found out that I can keep my student job as long as I take one or two classes. I am not sure which because people told me different things. My job is really great because I basically just sit around all day and get paid for it. Perfect for taking time off. Beats the hell out of any other part time job. Skipped both my classes today though. I think I am going to drop two of my 4 classes and try to do well in the other two. My advisor has not been very helpful so far. Talked with my friend about going to the gym and creating a work out plan. I should eventually but I don't think that is what I should be focusing on right now.